TEASER for the album "BACK TO ROOTS"


from the album "BACK TO ROOTS" - SASHA

Written and Directed by: Zoé Wittock

This is the TEASER VIDEO for the song "You C" (from album "Back to roots") of newcomer singer, Sasha Bogdanoff. 


It was used to collect funds for another music video of the same album. And we're happy to announce that we collected over 8.000€ from an original wish of 5.000€ - WHAT A SUCCESSFULL CAMPAIGN for Sasha, whom I'm very proud of. 


To check out the music video "BACK TO ROOTS" - directed by Marine Van den Broek - and made from the collected funds: https://youtu.be/bLWB_Va1zf8 


OVER 120.000 VIEWS in just 2 weeks!