"CASSIE" (short film - ENG)


Cinématography by: Zoé Wittock


Starring Émilie Dudkowski with Emil Lager and Jack Ozden

Written and Directed by Paul Natale

Executive Producer Barbara Mignot

Produced by F. Auguste Rahmberg

Director of Photography Zoé Wittock

Editor Lars T. Moen

Music by Winkie

Short Synopsis:

A teenage girl turns to substance abuse in an attempt to forget that she is pregnant, but when the situation comes to light, it triggers an impulsive and unforgettable reaction.


(2007, drama, 12:15, HD, France)

Grand Prize (Kodak Vision Award) - Grande projection de l’ÉICAR, Coline SERREAU et Frédéric MITTERAND, présidente du Grand jury (Paris, France)