"JUMBO" - a female gaze on a different type of sexuality

The making of JUMBO was inspired by an article I had read about a woman who had married the Eiffel Tower. Yes, oh yes, it exists... Talk about reality being stranger than fiction ! Her name was Erika Eiffel. 

How and why would someone do that? Was she a freak? Could I relate to her? All those were questions that popped into as my mind as I first laughed about the subject matter. "This is insane" I used to think... Until I decided to meet Erika. This encounter changed everything. It forced me to look beyond my own prejudices and pushed the limits of my open-mindedness until I was convinced of the following: "Why not? After all... She's not hurting anyone."


That's when I decided to tell her story, so that others would learn to look at her the way that I did.  

Represented by UBBA - France

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