"À DEMI-MOT" - 2014 (Engl: "Silent word")

(Production title: "Tu ne seras qu'un souvenir")

Excerpt of short film "A demi-mot" (1 min)

Short Synopsis:


When two souls wake up in each others arms, everything seems to be of the obvious: they're in love. But Laurène sees it differently... A mystery that Sacha cannot seem to wrap his head around.

Starring: Caroline Fauvet & Olivier Chantreau

Written and directed by: Zoé Wittock

Produced by: Insolence productions

Cinematography by: David Dang

"This Is Not An Umbrella" - 2012

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Short Synopsis:


After decades of never ending conflicts, Resolution 201 was imposed in the region of Mesopomy. This marked the beginning of the Shadasun Settlements, where citizens were separated into two sects: those who lived in harsh sunlight, and those who lived under the cooling shade.


With all the pressure that comes with his job, will Benjamin, the gatekeeper of the Rule, remain capable of upholding the law and keeping Shadasun at peace?

Starring: Gildart Jackson, Molly Leland, Mickey Sumner, Trevor Treichman and Michael Traynor

Written and directed by: Zoé Wittock

Produced by: Dave Szamet and Steven Berger

Cinematography by: Valentin Vignet

"Chrysalis" - 2009

2 Excerpts of short film "Chrysalis"

Short Synopsis:


Pressured by her best friend Charlotte, Elena feels the need to prepare herself for the next party. She needs to make sure that she will sexually be ready to sleep with a boy, just like all the other girls are doing. From then on, they both embark on sexual discovery journey.

Starring: Johanna Dumay, Elodie Magdo, Yohan Djabour

Written and Directed by: Zoé Wittock

Produced by: Hana Geissendorfer

Cinematography by: Andrew Brooke

"Wake up Sonia" - 2007


Excerpt of short film "Wake up Sonia"

Short Synopsis:


Sonia is a very special little girl who takes us with her on a quest to find her fathers love. We plunge into Sonia's fascinating comprehension of the world surrounding her.

Starring: Solen Renaux, Frédéric Venant, Eve Claudel

Written and directed by: Zoé Wittock

Produced by: Hana Geissendorfer and Antoine Thery

Cinematography by: Noah Pankow