"THE LESSON" (Short film - ENG)


Cinématography by: Zoé Wittock


Starring Sara Lewerth, Poyan Karimi and Déborah Révy

Written, Directed and Edited by Paul Natale
Produced by Alexandra Connor
Executive Producer Barbara Mignot
Director of Photography Zoé Wittock
Production Designer Adriana Calvo
Music by Winkie

Short Synopsis:


Upon her release from prison, a schoolteacher carefully plots her revenge on an underage student who had alerted the police of their illegal sexual relationship.


(2008, drama, 15:30, 35mm, France)


Winner Sixième Prix - 22e Festival International du Court-Métrage, Thomas BARDINET, présidente du Grand jury (Sens, France)

Winner Best Screenplay and Best Editing - Grande projection de l’ÉICAR, Tcheky KARYO, présidente du Grand jury (Paris, France)