Written and directed by: Zoé Wittock


Starring: Gildart Jackson, Molly Leland, Mickey Sumner, Trevor Treichman and Michael Traynor

Produced by: Dave Szamet and Steven Berger

Cinematography by: Valentin Vignet



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Short Synopsis:


After decades of never ending conflicts, Resolution 201 was imposed in the region of Mesopomy. This marked the beginning of the Shadasun Settlements, where citizens were separated into two sects: those who lived in harsh sunlight, and those who lived under the cooling shade.


  "This Is Not An Umbrella" takes you on a journey into those settlements, where Benjamin, the man in charge of the enforcement of Resolution 201, guides the viewer into a unique dystopia. Follow him as he deals with inquisitive journalists, illegal immigrants, and unruly citizens. 


Director’s statement:


    “This is not an Umbrella” is a part of who I am, a part that I had not yet had the chance to explore. Instead of making a more traditional family drama or coming of age story like I had before, I yearned to explore a serious subject matter within the realms of a surreal and fun metaphor. Although grounded within our reality and a subtle classicism, this movie takes the audience on an extra-ordinary journey, discovering the peculiar world of “Shadasun”. It tackles the absurdity of segregated communities and their boarders. It also highlights the hypocrisy of its inhabitants, exploring the fragile social mask the characters are forced to wear at all times; all in the name of Peace.


   This original idea emerged from a mixture of personal influences that impacted my life and travels. The desire to make this movie came from directly suffering from closed-minded communitie, found while living in the expatriate community in Africa or even in my own divided country (Belgium). But it also emerged from being exposed to Belgian surrealists such as René Magritte, Marcel Lefrancq, or even Paul Nougé, who helped shape my particular understanding of the world around me. All this gave me the inspiration that became the focal point for the creation of “This is not an Umbrella”.

The stark yet vivid visuals and the well-rounded performances bring this utopian society to life. The precise classicism found in the visuals came in perfect contrast with the more flawed and quirky characters. The performances beautifully captured both the absurdity of the "ShadaSun" people and the truth behind the characters’ silent repressions.

This is not an Umbrella is a film that one hopes to be mesmerizing.